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According to the information of the latest survey conducted by Gartner reveals that more than 74% of the CEOs want to use a remote workforce in almost all categories of employees including the CTO and CFOs. The mushrooming of online job portals and websites are supportive evidence of the changing landscape of the types of employment worldwide. Let’s talk about our professional portal for remote CTO engineering jobs that offer great opportunities for both job seekers and employers. Our portal is also powered by the professional services of the entire hiring process for our clients offered by our industry experts.

CTO Jobs Gathered at One Place

Where is the best place to hire CTO candidates online? One of the best places is our unified portal for hiring executive roles for full time and part time CTO jobs remotely. Our platform offers space for both job seekers and employers to search for jobs and search for candidates respectively. We offer a fully managed service of searching and hiring the best CTO candidates as well as startup CTO jobs for our valued clients.

The salient features of our professional CTO jobs portal include:
  • A comprehensive platform for CTO job seekers and employers powered by numerous job boards and employee hiring websites

  • Availability of a wide range of executive jobs like telecom CTO jobs, CTO healthcare jobs, and many others
  • Option for a fully managed service of hiring a CTO for your company

A Deeper Perspective on Chief Technology Officer Career for Job Seekers

Our platform is an ideal place for all types of job seekers for the executive and lead positions in all spheres of technologies. You can evaluate your skills, salaries, roles, responsibilities, and choose the right career path for landing an awesome job. Let’s have a deeper perspective on the roles of CTO jobs Europe and other parts of the world.

So what makes a good CTO for a technical lead role? Chief Technology Officer (CTO) is a very critical role to streamline all business processes and strategies in line with modern technologies to create competitive-edge and faster return on investment (ROI) for a company. So, a technical head of department (HOD) should have a comprehensive combination of different domains of knowledge. The most important domains of expertise a CTO should possess include the following.

Technology Domain Expertise

A good CTO looking for a hardware CTO job or a software one, should have strong command over different technologies such as computer resources, software platforms, network infrastructure, process automation, software development, network security, cyber-laws, technical standards and industry best practices, etc.

Business Acumen

The role of a chief technology officer is not fully technology-centric. In fact, the CTO’s role extensively revolves around the business acumen of the officer to enhance the business through the effective use of modern technologies. Without business acumen, you cannot be a successful chief technology officer for any company.

Modern Trends and Domain Experience

A successful CTO should be aware of the modern technology and industry trends to tap the available resources of the company in the right direction. The experience of implementation of technological solutions that are in line with the modern trends is a must for a great CTO candidate.

Innovative and Creative Thinking

Creative and out of the box thinking is one of the most desirable qualities of a great CTO. A CTO should use the most innovative approach to use the technologies in developing the most state of art business solutions.

Soft Skills

Soft skills like interpersonal communication skills, decision-making, team management, conflict management, coordination, leadership, and project management are a few very important skills that a good CTO should possess.

Chief Technology Officer Jobs Education & Top Qualifications to Excel

Chief technology officer is an executive-level position, which leads the team consisting of a principal software engineer, network engineers, business analysts, and others. He/she is also responsible for strategic consultation and coordination with the entire higher management of the company. So, a successful candidate for a CTO position should have the following education and qualifications:

  • At least a bachelor’s degree in computer science/computer systems/telecommunication systems

  • Initial experience of about 2 to 3 years in technical implementation in the concerned domains of primary degree or as associate CTO jobs experience and command over network and computer resource optimization

  • Knowledge of strategic planning for business-cum-technical solutions and ideally – 7 to 10 years of experience in designing innovative technical solutions for achieving the desired business goals

Career Path of Chief Technology Officer Jobs

Whether you want to pursue a CTO career path as a CTO software or as a CTO pharma job, you need to work extensively for many years in technical, management and strategic roles. It is also possible that in certain conditions, the company suddenly appoints any technical lead working in management and technical domain to CTO. Such cases are known as accidental CTO, suddenly promoted CTO and fast growth CTO. In all of the above roles, the proper career path is overruled in one way or the other but a proper career path of becoming a professional chief technology officer is listed below:

  • Start working as a junior technical engineer after graduation and get experience as a senior technical officer/engineer

  • Work a few years in a junior management position and earn a master’s degree while working as a junior manager

  • A few years in senior management positions and then, qualify for chief technology officer (CTO) position

How Much Does an IT Director or CTO Earn?

The role of CTO is among the top roles of the company; so, the salaries of CTOs are substantially higher than other technical roles in the company. According to PayScale, the average salary of a CTO is $162,269 per annum in the USA. Meanwhile, the average salary on Glassdoor is about $180,000 per annum.

Other than the annual salary of a CTO, he/she earns other perks, which are also of substantial importance in terms of annual earning of the CTO role. According to PayScale information, the average bonus of a CTO is more than $25,590. Meanwhile, companies offer a profit-sharing of about $20,058 to the CTO of the company. A substantial amount in the form of the commission is also disbursed by the company to CTO. The average annual commission given to CTOs in the US is about $38,884.

Employers’ Perspective on Executive Jobs CTO Hiring

An employer is concerned about the importance of hiring either a dedicated CTO or CTO as a service to minimize the hiring cost. What are the benefits to a business for hiring a CTO? How and where to hire a CTO? What qualities should I search for in a CTO for hire? These are other major questions that should be addressed from the employer’s perspective. Let’s have a deeper insight into those questions.

What CTO Remote Jobs Can Do to Enhance Company’s Growth?

A chief technology officer is becoming a very critical role in the growth of the company nowadays. The CTO of the company is a big bridge between the technical and non-technical minds of the company. He/she understands the business ideas, their needs, and evaluates them in the perspective of modern technologies for creating business solutions, which should help achieve the desired business targets and goals. A CTO always creates solutions that use the minimum resources and achieves optimum results. It transforms the organization by replacing the slow, manual, and costly processes with cost-efficient and productive automated solutions powered by innovative and cutting-edge technologies. Thus, the growth of the company skyrockets with the technology-powered policies developed by a professional CTO of a company.

What Are Major Types of CTO Job Openings?

A CTO job has become very popular after the advent of the internet and the fastest growth of ICT technologies. The major types of job roles that deal with the responsibilities of a CTO in an organization can be classified into the types such as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) or Chief Technical Officer (CTO), Information Technology Director (ITD), Technical Head of Department (T-HOD), Chief IT Architect (CITA), Enterprise Architect (EA), Vice President of Engineering (VPE).

In terms of company processes, the role of a CTO can be further classified into the following types.

  • CTO infrastructure. This type of CTO mainly focuses on the IT infrastructure including hardware and software to develop efficient IT solutions.

  • CTO thinker. One of the major roles dealing in developing innovative and creative business solutions, is CTO thinker. In coordination with the other C-level executives, effective technological strategies are designed by this role.

  • CTO customer-focused. This kind of CTO focuses on the IT solutions that focus on customer-related solutions such as CRM, marketing, and other tools.

For Which Industry Hiring a VP of Engineering or CTO Is a Good Choice?

Almost, all types of businesses in the modern era are fully influenced by the technologies. So, the general rule of thumb is that every company needs to hire a VP of Engineering or a CTO for efficient use of technologies. The size, status, budget, and type of business are other components that play a role in the decision for choosing a CTO or not. A few major types of industries that need to hire a CTO are listed below:

  • Telecommunication and internet service providers
  • Cloud-based service providers

  • Datacenter services

  • Retail sales chains

  • Logistic and supply chain companies

  • Pharmaceutical and healthcare systems, and many more

What Should an Employer Look for While Selecting a Good CTO for Hire?

Any employer should focus on both technical as well as soft personal skills and experience of a successful CTO job seeker. The most important things to look for while hiring a CTO candidate are listed below:

  • Ability to view the company in a bigger and holistic paradigm and awareness of all major technologies and their usage trends in modern businesses

  • Extensive knowledge of business processes of multiple industries, highly creative and innovative thinking and expertise in customer-oriented solution development

  • High level of motivation and leadership quality, successful past track-record, effective interpersonal communication skills and solid ability for decision-making

  • Effective conflict management, flexibility and pressure handling capability and combination of technical and business education/qualifications

  • Qualification in different fields such as project management, strategic management, future planning, team management, and other domains

How Can We Help to Find a CTO for Your Business?

Both the CTO job seeking candidates and employers searching for qualified CTO candidates face numerous kinds of difficulties in finding the right place to showcase the skills and hire a professional CTO respectively.

Difficulties CTO Job Seeker or Potential Employer May Face

The main problems that a CTO job seeker and a CTO employer face include limited choices of having a comprehensive platform to post a resume and hire a CTO candidate, unavailability of sizeable CTO candidates to select from as well as sizeable employers to hire the available job seekers. Also, it is difficult to showcase the right skills for the right employers, find the right skills in a candidate or cto complete a long, complex, and technical process of hiring. Besides, some may face unavailability of technical support services and a guarantee to maintain the reliability of resource services.

What We Can Help to Find the Right CTO Job or CTO Candidate?

Our online web-portal helps our clients to address all of the above-mentioned problems that a hiring manager and a CTO job seeker face. Our portal is powered by numerous job boards and websites; so, a large number of CTO candidates with the right skills are available on our platform. To search for the most skilled CTO candidates on our portal, numerous companies reach-out our platform. Our platform offers a large number of candidates who are highly skilled and qualified CTOs, highly potential employers, simple and easy processes of hiring and availability of support for hiring the right CTOs.

What Is So Special About Virtual CTO Jobs from Remote Countries?

Hiring virtual CTO jobs from remote countries is one of the uptrends in the HR domain. New communication, coordination, and collaboration tools, and efficient online services have transformed the arena of businesses worldwide. All startups, SMEs, and even large corporations are filling CTO positions through remote hiring. The main reasons for this uptrend include no geographic limitations, access to a wide range of experts, competitive salaries, diversity and productivity, better quality of work, faster hiring process, flexibility for scaling up.

How Ukraine Is an Attractive Destination to Hire Remote CTO Candidates?

Ukraine is considered as a country of tech-savvy people, who are capable of creating great value for the businesses out of their technical capabilities. This definition of Ukrainian people resembles the role of a CTO in any company. That’s why Ukraine has become one of the most attractive destinations for CTO hiring. Other reasons for hiring CTOs from Ukraine include a huge pool of qualified CTO level candidates, great quality of work in line with European standards, highly competitive prices, ideal geographical location, world-class backbone and ICT infrastructure and great ratio of success due to diverse experience with global clients.

If you are looking for hiring a skilled and qualified CTO for your business growth, get in touch, and delegate the CTO searching process to our professional service now!

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